How Can Small Roof Leaks Wreak Havoc

We’ve all seen those shows and movies where a group of people hides out in a run-down apartment and puts buckets all around the room to catch the water dripping through the leaky roof. Now take that picture and file away under “avoid in real life at all costs”. You know that we’re all procrastinators, but this is definitely one of the things you shouldn’t put off under any circumstances. Your roof’s already meant to only last 20 to 30 years so let’s not further shorten that life expectancy, shall we? Read more »

Know More about the Drainage Solution for Flat Roofs

With any roofing style comes the concerns for its maintenance. The same goes for flat roofs and with it comes the worry about adequate drainage. Irrespective of the size of the roof, it is important that the flat roof has proper drainage system to deal with the rainwater. Considering the risks of leaks and cracks, it is important to seek the services of a roofing contractor so that the roof can be better equipped to drain away the water. Here is more information about drainage solutions for flat roofs:

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Tips To Maintain Your Roof This Summer

When the summer starts, swimming and vacations are on your mind, but don’t forget the roofing care tips. You might be surprised with the clogged gutters and broken shingles that you come across, when you start inspecting the roof. Additionally, there might be tree branches and algae stains, mold or mildew build-up which went unnoticed during the winters. Thus, before the summer starts, roof maintenance jobs need to be completed. Here is a quick list of things that needs to be checked so that your roofing can last longer.

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Tips To Know If Roofing Contractor Has Done a Good Job

As a strong roof is a big investment, it is essential that you opt for a good and expiring roofer in Menlo Park. It is essential to hire someone that is an industry leader and has the right manufacturers’ recommendations. Considering the scope and size of your roofing requirements that can span from repair to replacement, you might like to think that the cheapest option is the best, but that is not so. Thus, it will help to do some research before you shortlist and hire a roofing contractor in Menlo Park.

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Facts about Shingle Roofs

Most of the American homes are shingle roofs and people trust the material to protect their homes and business establishments. However, before you opt for shingle roofs, it is important that you are aware of the importance of the material and why it is in demand. Knowing more about the facts will ensure that that when it comes to replacing your roof or repairing it, you can make an informed decision.

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How Do Decide If Cedar, Shakes Or Shingles for Your Roofing Is Right Choice

When you think about roofing, you most likely picture black shingles that is standard on most home roofs but did you know that as a homeowner, you have several options available. Materials most commonly chosen for shingles include asphalt, fiberglass, and composite. There is also cedar shingles and slate. Cedar and slate shingles are quite an investment however you won’t need to worry too much about them throughout the year. The cost is much higher with these two types because of the overall cost of materials as well as the process to install them. So for example, a roof can run between $12,000 and $25,000 depending on a few factors.

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What Are the Reasons Homeowners Elect to Use Composite Shingles?

In the recent past, homeowners expressed a readiness to try different types roofing materials. By making their preferences known, the home-owning consumers demonstrated the fact that not every homeowner wanted to live under a rooftop covered with asphalt shingles. Still, introduction of slate and tile for rooftops did not motivate lots consumers to try the new roofing products. Read more »

Is Shingle Roof a Preferred Option For Homeowners?

Home improvements are expensive and that includes any type of roofing replacement. Many Americans trust that their roofing choices will last for as long as they have the house,but it is not always a guarantee that it will. Today, you have the choices of materials, Roofing contractors in Palo Alto CA, and more. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages to using shingle roofs versus other types of roofing. This article will help you decide what would probably work best for you. Read more »