Learning To Recognize Roof Damage In The Aftermath of A Storm

Storms don’t need hail or rain to be devastating. The power behind a strong wind can lift shingles and create weak spots all across your roof, even if that may not be noticeable right away. While roofs have obviously been designed and built to withstand all kinds of weather, they aren’t immune to wear and tear over time. After all, they are meant to be replaced eventually. High winds and the debris they carry, impacts your shingles on the regular, which makes it important to watch out for shingles that need replacing. If you neglect to fix the damage on time, it can have severe consequences in the form of water damage and a sudden but drastic increase in heating costs. Read more »

Understanding Warranties And How You Can Protect Your Roofing Investment

Following the purchase of a new roof, you will generally be guaranteed a warranty on this new investment. And while this does sound great and oftentimes makes people feel at ease and secure, they, more often than not, do not actually give you something reliable to fall back on. Did you read it completely? Did you ask about the exclusions on the warranty? Read more »

Guide To The Differences Between Types of Low Slope Roof Membranes

When we speak of low-slope roof membranes, we are speaking of a category that describes a collective selection of different types of low-slope roof membranes. While the average homeowner doesn’t necessarily need to know the differences between these types, a member of facility personnel, or even the owner of an apartment complex might be better off with informing themselves. You can always talk with Roof Repairs contractor in Palo Alto to get more information than what is provided here. Read more »

Knowing When It Is Time To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

The roof on your home is one of the most vital parts of the entire structure. A damaged roof will allow moisture to come in and soak into the very structure of your home which will lead to extremely expensive repairs, and even more importantly, can become highly dangerous. Molds, moisture leaking into the wiring in your walls, among other hazards, can all be caused by a damaged roof. Read more »

How To Check Your Ventilation During Roofing Maintenance

During your fall inspection, you will need to ensure that your attic ventilation is fully functional. Any problems arising with your ventilation throughout winter, could lead to a buildup of moisture and cold in your attic space which can lead to ice dams and mold.Furthermore, there are shingle manufacturers which have added adequate attic ventilation as a requirement for their warranty which makes it all the more important for you to inspect your ventilation under close scrutiny before the cold season hits. Read more »

How To Prevent Winter Leaks In Your Skylights?

When it comes to skylights, the correct installation can make the difference between a blessing or a curse. A correctly installed skylight can provide natural lighting that lowers utility bills, makes the interior look grander and more inviting, and brings added warmth during the cold season. However, when installed incorrectly, cold and wet weather can quickly lead to leaks. And these leaks can lead to major damage in drywall, flooring, carpet, and the roof itself – none of which are a cheap fix. Even worse, the skylight leak may only be a symptom of an even grander problem. This makes it all the more important to call in an expert right away who can give you a diagnosis and initiate the road to solving the problem(s). Read more »

Why You Should Schedule Regular And Professional Inspections For Your Roofing?

Most people know that a professional roof inspection is the way to go once you have noticed a leak or another serious issue, though many do not think to see such an inspection as a preventative measure as well.Generally, roofing contractors recommend two roofing inspections a year, once in spring and again in fall. This is because many types of roofing issues aren’t immediately noticeable, but can still lead to devastating damage further down the line if left unnoticed, and thus unrepaired. Read more »

Why Roof Repairs Are A Must Before Putting Your House On The Market?

The outside appearance of your property plays a huge part in what impression potential buyers are left with as they evaluate their decision. The facade, yard, and roof will be closely looked at as soon as they roll up to the property, and will thus also be the first impression and first thing that will be judged.To have your home be in perfect condition before the selling process even begins, you may want to reach out to a roofing company and have them repair, or even entirely replace your roof. Read more »