As the rest of the country is dealing with snow, Bay Area has a different adversary: rain and storm. The rainy season is truly in full swing, and cities like Menlo Park got a taste of the hassles and hazards that storms can bring, including power outages and trees getting toppled over.

The rains may be great for the state’s water supply amid a drought, but it isn’t too great for homes, particularly the roofs. When the weather lets up, take the opportunity to inspect your roof, and see if you need repairs or a major roof remodel.

Inspecting Your Roof to Get Ahead of Problems

How do you know if you need to re-roof your home? Blatant damages, like the ones left by a tree falling on your roof, may be an automatic cue, but how about the subtle deformities? Do you know what to spot during inspections, which would require you to hire a roofing contractor in Menlo Park? If not, here are three roof defects you have to be concerned with:

Missing, Broken, or Warped Shingles

Cracked caulking and rusted flashing can be easily repaired or replaced, but extensive damages to the roof shingles may need a more thorough job. When you see buckling, curling, and blistering shingles, the damage may either be caused by dry rot or it signals the end of your roof’s lifespan. If you have an asphalt roof, you might also find piles of colored grit or sand-like granules in your gutters. These are the shingles’ protection against the sun, so if they have shed off, it’s easy for your shingles to warp and get destroyed.

Extensive Moss and Lichen

These damp green growths may be signs that the roof is decaying from underneath. This is particularly troubling in roofs with dominantly wooden structures, since molds may be pervading the roof already. Aside from making the roof weak and prone to easy destruction by storms, the mold spores could infest the rest of your home and cause harm to your health.

Signs of Leak

Observe your ceiling, roof overhangs, walls, siding, and the area around the fireplace. If you see sagging areas (on the ceiling), damp spots, or discolorations, these might be signs of widespread roof leaks, which would also weaken the structures of your home. Be cautious of these signs, especially after heavy rains or powerful hurricanes.

Menlo Park re-roofing experts like Shelton Roofing can comprehensively inspect your roof to determine if you really need an extensive roof makeover or if a few touchups or simple repairs would suffice. The professionals can also suggest the quality materials that can be used, so your investment on the project won’t be wasted and the roof will be useful for years to come.

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