Service areas

Based in Mountain View, California, Shelton Roofing has been operating as a family-owned company, providing expert roofing services to the different areas of the San Francisco Peninsula for over seventy years. Apart from our immediate coverage areas in Mountain View, we also complete roofing projects for both residences and commercial establishments in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, Daly City, San Carlos, San Mateo, Brisbane and more.

We’re Neighbors

As long-time residents of the area ourselves, we have come to understand which roofing materials are best suited to endure the local weather and climate, as well as the common design cues of the homes and buildings in each area, which helps in customizing the roof according to specific requirements.

As your neighbors, we want to make sure you are able to rely on Shelton Roofing to satisfactorily meet all of your roofing needs and solutions. That is why we have continued to operate as a family-owned company since our founding, remaining true to our core values and dedicated to the community we operate in.

Trying to Exceed the Standards Set in the State and the Industry

Aside from building or replacing your roofs, you can also rely on us to reply as quick and as prompt as possible when providing you emergency roof repairs and other services. We are duly licensed by the State Contractor and the Better Business Bureau, are certified by some of the most exceptional roofing manufacturers in and out of California, and are fully committed to environmentally-friendly business practices.

So if you have a home or business in Mountain View, Palo Alto, or the other areas we serve, with particular roofing needs, feel free to call Shelton Roofing at (408) 837-0388 or (650) 288-1400. Our team of dedicated professionals are ready and equipped to help you with all your roofing requirements.