A lot of roofing contractors work without insurance.

Estimates of inadequately insured roofers run as high as 65-75%. So what happens if a workman gets injured on your roof? Who is liable if an accident causes damage to your home or property? You may get a lower quote for the job, but your risk is a lot higher.

Shelton Roofing carries complete property damage and liability insurance, so your assets and property are thoroughly protected against unforeseen problems. We have workman’s compensation insurance so our workers are properly insured (and we’re happy to provide certificates of insurance). Finally, our workmen and foremen are dedicated to safety and quality on all of their jobs.

Shelton Roofing protects you with the best roof around – and with the best possible insurance coverage.

Here at Shelton Roofing we value our employees safety. We regularly enforce training sessions and encourage our employee’s to always use safe practices.