One of the most underappreciated parts of the home is the roof. Considering the vital function is serves, more homeowners in Menlo Park, CA or elsewhere should pay attention to what’s above their heads. Fortunately, local residential roofing contractors can help you fill in the gaps in maintenance, repair, re-roofing and other similar needs. Professional contractors understand that living with a failing roof is not only uncomfortable, but anxiety-causing as well. Rain and snow are no longer pleasures enjoyed from the safety of the house but signs to get out the buckets, and hope the shingles hold up under the weight of the snow.

An experienced roofing contractor would recommend having the roof inspected every few years. Professionally conducted inspections that are more in-depth and extensive, but this doesn’t mean that you as the homeowner can’t do your part in maintaining the integrity of your roof. Here are a few things you can do to keep your roof in good shape at least until the next inspection.

Roofing Contractors

Check the Shingles

One way to know if an asphalt shingle roof needs replacing is to feel the granule covering. If it’s not thick and the roof felt is beginning to show through, the roof probably needs replacing. Shingles should also be checked for cracks, tears, curls and peeling.

Make sure that all debris is removed from the roof regularly and that gutters are cleaned out. If the homeowner needs to go up on the roof to do this, they should have a sturdy ladder, wear sturdy shoes with strong treads, and go up when the roof is dry. Clean out gutters by removing large bits of debris, scrubbing away dirt and grime then using the garden hose to wash the remainder down the drain spout. Make sure not to lean on the gutter.

Be Mindful of the Home Interior

A homeowner should inspect ceilings and attic for stains that may be signs of a leaking roof. Leaks most often occur because the flashing around chimneys and vent stacks is loose. One stopgap measure before the contractor arrives is to seal up the leaks with tar paint.

Remove Moss and Mildew

Now and then, a homeowner may see moss and mildew growing on the roof. They can be removed by spraying them with a fungicide then brushing them away. However, if you suspect that the damage has accelerated beyond aesthetics, you might want to schedule a more thorough inspection.

Clean the Chimney

Cleaning a chimney is a bit messy, especially if the fireplace is used often. However, it’s necessary to at least remove the layers of flammable creosote that cover the walls of a well-used chimney. The bricks in chimneys may also need to be repointed.

Calling a professional roofing contractor to replace or repair a roof gives you the peace of mind that DIY simply can’t. They will do their utmost to make sure the roofs of their customers become more resilient for many years down the line.


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