Roof RepairRoofs last for a long time unless damaged by the elements. Sometimes this damage goes unnoticed and can cause problems with the interior of the home. However, it is more than just a damaged roof that can create cost concerns. Even a home with a intact roof can be creating problems with your heating and cooling costs. By taking the time and effort to have a roof repaired or inspected, the cost savings in time and money and even insurance premiums can be well worth the time.

Sunny States, High Cooling Costs

Lets be honest energy costs, especially for heating and cooling can be expensive. This is certainly true for sunny states like California and includes cities like, Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Sunnyvale. Roofs trap attic heat. If the roof is damaged or is old it can trap even more heat than it was designed to hold. This heat then can build up and force its way into the home. This is called Superheating and can raise heating and cooling costs significantly. By having a roofing contractor inspect the current roof of a home, the roofer can identify any improper cooling mechanisms and recommend better. Some examples are replacing turbine vents with ridge vents that span the length of the roof allowing more air to escape and lowering cooling costs. The specialists at are more than happy to provide you with an inspection of your roof.

Bad Weather, Bad Roof

The experts at are well aware that Mother Nature loves to damage roof. This is why they are prepared to respond to a homeowners request for emergency roof repairs. They also understand that sometimes it takes a while to get the insurance ball rolling and are willing and able to help protect your family by seeing to it that the roof is protected from further damage so that the home can either be reroofed or repaired. By getting repairs, especially emergancy repairs, quickly after an incident, it helps prevent more costs in the long run.

Old Age, New Roof

Honestly, roofs are subjected to a wide range of the elements. As such, it ages faster than other parts of the home. When looking to sell a home or refurbish a home, it is always a good idea to consider replacing the roof. The specialists at can show the homeowner how replacing the roof can make the home more attractive for the market as well as how it can help save money on future premiums. New standards and codes have come into effect that make roofs older than 5 years even less efficient than current roofs. The folks at can help the homeowner decide what is the best way to make the house more attractive, roof wise and more efficient, roof wise.