Every roof performs a simple function. It protects the residents of a building from exposure to the elements. Yet not every rooftop carries out that function in the most effective manner. Roofing that lacks adequate ventilation does not perform well. That is why it is important to ensure that proper checks are done every quarter by the Roofing Contractor in San Mateo, so that the ventilation and insulation are adequate.

The accessories and components that circulate air underneath a roof.

• Intake and exhale vents
• Ridge vents
• Fans
• Attic vents

Why is it a good idea to have circulating air?

• Circulating air encourages the evaporation of water from any pool.
• Ventilation eliminates excess heat and moisture.
• The ventilation affects the operation of the heating and cooling units within an HVAC system.

Signs of poor ventilation:

Hot temperatures in the attic. The attic vent and the fans in the attic should keep the temperatures at a reasonable level.

Mold seen in home: Ventilation is supposed to reduce the moisture. Mold grows in a moist environment.

Frost forms in the rafters or other structures in the attic. That reveals the presence of moisture. Ventilation should limit the amount of moisture inside the building. You may see water dripping off of the head of a nail. Water can collect on the head of a nail when ventilation has failed to reduce the amount of moisture in a building’s rooms. Additionally, another sign to watch out for is if the windows fog up. The fog is created by condensed moisture. A good ventilation system should remove that moisture.

You may see signs of mildew. Like mold, mildew grows in a damp area. If the ventilation system is working properly, there should be no growth of mildew within the building. Water dripping from the exterior portion of plumbing pipes: Failed ventilation allows the collection of moisture on the outside of certain pipes.

There may be odors or smell lingering in any area. Ventilation should aid the distribution of any odor-filled air. If the room seems stuffy, it shows inadequate air circulation. Let an expert check the ventilation system as there should be proper circulation of the air, so that no room can feel stuffy.

If the room feels drafty, the ventilation is too strong. No one should experience a draft. Residents of the building have problems with dry skin. That could be a sign that the ventilation is too strong. It removes almost all of the moisture in the building. The pages of books are musty. That happens if there is too much moisture in the air; the ventilation does not remove the moisture. A house plant soaks up a large amount of moisture. The ventilation system is working too hard. It has removed too much moisture from the air. The plant is trying to make up for the absence of a suitable amount of moisture in the air.