If a homeowner has selected a roofer to use for replacement of roofing, the homeowner’s signature should go on a written contract. What actions should that potential signee take, before placing his or her John Hancock on any contract?

Get answers to these questions:

• You have given me an estimate of the cost; what are all the potential costs?
• What might you discover, that could cause you to carry out an extra and costly amount of work?
• Does Roofing company in San Mateo carry insurance?
• What is your estimated length of time for this project?
• To what extent could the projected timeline change, perhaps after the discovery of an unanticipated problem?
• What would be your anticipated starting date, if I were to sign this contract today?
• Do you have a license? Unless the questioned roofer answered in the affirmative, the customer/signee would lose the right to file a claim, in the event that the contractor did shoddy work.
• Do you have any references that you can share with me?

A smart homeowner takes the time to supplement the names on any list of references. Time spent online could aid discovery of testimonies from various former customers. Furthermore, Google and Yelp could be used to obtain reviews of different contractors.

Other issues that should be discussed by the contractor and the potential customer

What method do you prefer to use for communicating with customers?

Should I watch for email messages, or expect some phone calls?

Would you plan to stop by repeatedly, and discuss the situation in a face-to-face meeting?

How should I contact you, if I have a question?

How soon should I expect a response?

How do you prepare to get started?

Do you place protections on the lawn, or on any flowerbeds in the yard? Homeowners with a pool would need to ask about how the pool would be protected. Homeowners with valuables, such as paintings on the wall, should ask about how those could be protected.

Will you be placing heavy equipment on the driveway?

Do you arrange to minimize the effects of that same equipment?

How rapidly should I expect a build-up of waste in the yard?

How do you handle such waste? Should I invest in some type of dumpster? Where could I place it, so that it did not get in your way?

How would my family be protected from the elements, if it started to rain?

A homeowner that had a furnace might ask this: Do you expect to make any changes in the pipe from the furnace?

A homeowner with a pet dog might ask this: Where should my dog be tied up, if it remains outside, while your men are working on the roof?

Thus, it is not easy to pick any contractor for your roofing project but based on their responses, select the best roofing experts to get the right service.