Roofs, for all the protection they afford to a home, can be one of the most vulnerable parts of the house. By shielding the rest of the property from the weather, these structures take the full brunt of nature’s damage. Damages caused by rainwater, strong winds, storm-swept debris, and even ultraviolet rays from the sun can reduce the performance of even the hardiest roofs. It is important for homeowners to keep track of the condition of their roofing to prevent further complications such as leakage and extensive water damage in the interiors of their houses.


A feature published in the Houzz website discusses the advantages of roofing made from metal, and how it is a superior choice for a roofing replacement. As a relatively maintenance-free roofing material, metal boasts incredible durability and heat dissipation features. Metal roofs also do not wear away bit by bit from rain, unlike asphalt shingles that shed particles that mix with the rainwater. Such a roof makes a fine alternative to one that has seen better days.

Homeowners looking to improve upon their current roofs should contact a roofer in Palo Alto, such as Shelton Roofing. Expert contractors have the materials, tools, and skills to replace a weathered roofing surface for a brand new one. The contractors can also offer tips and suggestions to homeowners that want to extend the useful lives of their roofing with occasional maintenance and repair. Replacing an entire roof is a lot harder and more tedious than it looks, so it is best to leave the job to a contractor who has the manpower to complete the project properly and quickly.

Unlike a mere repair job, replacing an entire roof takes a lot of work and care. Care must be taken in removing the old roof to make way for the new surface, because a single mistake can leave behind nasty damages and possible spots for leaks to occur. Using certain roofing materials to replace an old roof, such as metal, requires an experienced hand due to their special requirements. Fortunately, many local roofers in Sunnyvale are reputable and certified by roofing manufacturers to install high-grade roof products, which can be reassuring for homeowners.

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