Even the best constructed rooftops eventually need replacing. When you consult with a roofing contractor in Sunnyvale, you may ask at what point you should replace your roof. You may also wonder what kinds of materials you should choose for the job. You can protect your house and also invest in the best quality materials by learning some basic tips on how to identify a deteriorating rooftop.


Ceiling Leaks
It is important that you first know what signs to look for when you wonder if you should replace your roof. The most obvious sign to homeowners involves water leaking into the home. If you notice that your ceiling leaks every time it rains or snows, it is time for you to invest in a new roof.

Higher Utility Bills
Another sign that your roof may be failing centers on rising utility bills. If your electric or gas bill seems to go higher without due cause, and you know your windows and insulation are in good shape, the rise in costs could be linked to the condition of your roof. A thinning and deteriorating rooftop could cause your utility bills to rise significantly.

Visible Signs of Wear and Tear
Visible wear and tear also indicate that you should replace your roof as soon as possible. If you see missing shingles or tar paper flapping in the wind, these damages tell you that your roof has seen better days. If you allow the damage to go unaddressed, you could put your home’s value and integrity at risk.

As you consider your upcoming roof repair, you may wonder what kinds of materials you should invest in for your home. You’d want to choose a material that you can afford and one that your insurance company will allow. Most insurers approve the use of asphalt shingles because they stand up well to most weather elements. They are also affordable and resistant to fire.

You may want to choose a material that makes your home look good and adds value to it as well. Decorative shingling made out of ceramic or tile can increase the value of your house and also add style and color to an otherwise bland roof. Wooden shingles, which are popular with homeowners today, are treated to resist pests and fire.


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