You may have read about cedar roofing, because roofers have been using cedar shingles for many decades. Still, the ability to go online and read a product description does not ensure a consumer of the extent to which any described product will deliver fantastic benefits. Hence, you might wonder how you and your family could benefit from a roof replacement in Sunnyvale, one that has aided placement of cedar shingles on your roof.

A roof with cedar shingles will last a long time.

Its durability explains the roof’s long life. If each shingle is 3/5 inches to ½ inch thick, the installed roof will last of up to 25 years. If each shingle’s thickness varies between ¾ inches and 1 and ¼ inches, then an installed roof should last for as much as 50 years.

Roofs made with cedar are good insulators.

The sun beats down on the materials used to over the topmost part of a private residence. Ideally, the roofing material should make sure that not all of the heat from the sun’s rays makes its way into the roof-covered home. Yet no roof-installed material can perform that function, if it fails to act as a good form of insulation.

Utilization of cedar-based shingles yields a roof with an appealing look.

When purchasing such a product, the homeowner gets two choose between two colors red and yellow. Yet, in the absence of proper maintenance, both a red and yellow shingle will turn gray over a period of months. The needed maintenance generally involves completion of a special treatment. Once treated, the colored shingle does not allow its hue to fade away.

Cedar is a natural material

This final benefit recognizes the existence of homeowners that feel reluctant to use synthetic materials. It does seem safer to use a natural material. Meanwhile, those roof-buyers with concerns about sustainability should understand that the shingle-maker will not plan to use the wood from an entire tree. Indeed, the maker of the shingle-shaped product can save money by purchasing wood pieces that have formed during the creation of other wooden structures.

Weigh benefits against the drawbacks

The time needed for installation of such roofs exceeds the time used for installation of a more conventional roof. The need for that added amount of time can be found in the following paragraph.
The completed structure must have an airspace, which fills the area between the shake and the underlying roof. In the absence of such airspace, the effects of moisture get seen more clearly. They can cause the formation of damaged and unsightly areas.