The most common type of roofing system features the presence of asphalt shingles. It also has some other noteworthy characteristics.

It is cost-effective

Any homeowner has made a good investment if he or she has chosen to pay for installation of a rooftop with asphalt shingles.

There are 3 types of shingles; homeowners can select one from that trio of options

The 3 types are 3-fab, dimensional and luxury. Roofing contractor in San Mateo understands that dimensional shingles are used on most present-day homes. When those are placed on a rooftop, anyone viewing the roof sees a random pattern. That pattern is similar to the one that exists on a slate roof.

An entire list of materials gets placed under or alongside the shingles

• Wooden decking
• Flashing
• Underlayment
• Drip edge
• Ridge capping

In the absence of any one of those materials, those living under the asphalt structure could discover spots where water has leaked into their residence. A contractor that was not a professional roofer might overlook the need for purchasing and using all of those materials, during installation of an asphalt roofing structure.

The most common type among the available structures has a lifespan of 30 years.

That does not mean that the homeowner should assume that it will function perfectly for 30 years. It could show signs of wear and tear after 25 years.

It should be inspected at least twice each year.

The estimated lifespan would get markedly shortened, if those inspections did not take place at the suggested frequency. Some problems could be found by examining the roof from the ground; others could remain hidden, unless a professional inspector has been paid to search for problems.

A professional would check the gutters and the other features that work to enhance the roof’s effectiveness. Obviously, any problems that might be found by an inspector should be fixed as soon as possible.

Whenever a roof has felt the forces created by a storm, it ought to receive an added inspection. Utilization of special nails at the time of a roof’s replacement could minimize concerns about the effects of a storm. For instance, Bostitch has a 2-inch nail that has demonstrated an impressive level of wind resistance.

Today shingles come in more than one color.

A homeowner might want to select a color that complements or blends with the hue of any painted features, such as the panes around the windows, or a painted front door.

Still, a potential homebuyer might be turned-off by a rooftop that clashes with those that have been placed on other homes in the area. In other words, a homeowner must consider the factor that would prove most helpful, during an effort at creating a truly beneficial structure.