Roofing maintenance should include the scheduling of a regular roof inspection. Homeowners can do their own inspection, if they take the time to prepare a checklist.

Things to check for

Rust spots and cracks: These are places where water might enter. Fix them by using caulk.

Flashing: That is the weatherproofing material that should be placed in joints at chimneys and vent pipes. It prevents introduction of a crack. What is the condition of the shingles? Are any of them curling or buckling? Do any of them contain cracks or signs of wear? Are there any missing shingles?Look at the boots around the vent pipe. Are there any cracks or signs of wear?

Aspects of roofing that should not get overlooked

The condition of the chimney cap: Is it missing or damaged? That might suggest the entrance of a small mammal. That suggestion should trigger the inspection of the insulation in the attic. This article focuses on maintenance of an older rooftop. Still, it could pay to study the chimney cap in the roofing on a new home. If it has been damaged, the home’s fireplace might not work properly.

Are there any signs of moss growth, growth of lichens, or any algae stains? Evidence of any of those would indicate the existence of decay in the roofing structure. Decay can allow for the entrance of water.

Today, homeowner can buy moss killer that has been designed for use on roofs. It kills the moss, so that the dead moss can be brushed off with a broom in the springtime. The newest product lacks the iron that is found in moss killer for the lawn. Do not use iron on a roof; it could stain.

The overhangs that get formed where the roofing structure extends beyond the wall of the protected residence: Each overhanging area should be studied. Does it show evidence of any peeling paint? If so, that area ought to receive another coat of paint.

Consideration of products that might improve the roofing: For example, if the home is located in an area that is prone to hurricanes, then the roof should be nailed down with the newest type of nail. It has features that make it stronger, as per the roofing contractor in San Mateo.

Another possibility relates to the gutters. Should a leaf-filtering device be placed on each gutter? That would eliminate the need for regular cleaning of the gutters. It would also help to limit concerns about cracks in the home’s foundation, or the possible drowning of flowerbeds. Granted, it may cost money to take advantage of a new product. Still, it limits worries.