The roof protects your home from the elements. If neglected, it can quickly deteriorate, especially when the weather is bad. This could result in issues that require costly repair by professional roofing contractors from Palo Alto. Don’t wait until the damage on your roof spreads before you call in roofers to fix them. Following are common signs that your roof needs fixing.


Leaks occur when the roof has cracks or missing shingles. You can easily tell if there’s leak on your roof if there are water stains on the ceiling or drippings at the wall’s edge. With the help of professional roofers, the source can be found and patched right away. They may do this by hosing down the roof and observing where water can get in. To seal off the leak source, cement plaster can be applied. If the leak is caused by broken or missing shingles, new pieces of roofing cement will be applied underneath the shingles or tiles to seal the areas that are leaking water into the building.

Common Roof Repairs

Ponding Water

Ponding water is a common problem with flat roofing systems. It can cause serious damage to the roof decking and rafters. Severe damage to the underlying structure may render the roofing materials unsalvageable. This problem may also affect homes with gable roofs if the gutters are clogged or the HVAC units don’t have condensate drain lines. Ponding water that sits for too long can require a roof replacement.

Storm Damage

Roofs are often susceptible to damage caused by storm. Whether it’s a hurricane or a blizzard, your roof may definitely sustain damage that needs fixing right away. You may encounter missing shingles, broken fascia, and cracked pipes. If the storm carries hail, the damage on the roof can be far greater. You may be dealing with punctures on all corners of the roof. In which case, you should call in a roofing contractor to prevent further damage.

Damaged Flashing

To close off the edges of your vents, chimney, and skylights, flashing is installed. If these locks are already old and corroded, they will start leaking water into the house. Bad weather can make the problem worse by further corroding the flashing. Most flashings come pre-formed and are easy to install to seal off the roof.

To make sure that your roof is free of any damage that can affect your home’s structural integrity, hire a roofing contractor to conduct inspection, repair, and maintenance on a regular basis.


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