Not all homeowners are like the boy that saw a hole in the dike and plugged it with a finger. Some busy homeowners have been known to delay performance of the task of finding Roof Repair expert in San Mateo who can fix a leaky roof.

Consequences faced by homeowners that fail to fix a leak in the home’s roofing.

The chances increase for accumulated water to damage the home’s electrical system. That leads to a rise in the degree to which the residents’ safety stands at risk. Why is their safety at greater risk? Because the damaged electrical system might ignite a fire.Alternately, any resident might suffer an electrical shock. An additional hazard exists in the appliances, any one of which could get damaged.

The homeowner’s energy bill increases, because hot and cold air escapes through the leak. Consequently, the home’s HVAC system needs to work much harder.Moisture created by the dripping water allows the growth of mold and mildew. Any one of the home’s residents might be allergic to either, or both, mold and mildew. If mold or mildew grows between the roof’s shingles, the size of the leak increases.

Any pool of water can damage the home’s wood panels. Normally, those same panels help to preserve the home’s integrity. Naturally, a damaged panel cannot carry-out that important function. Consequently, each panel’s structural integrity gets displayed at a severely diminished level.

Warning signs that can work to prevent discovery of the above consequences:

• An unexpected rise in the home’s energy bill.
• A refrigerator that is not keeping stored food sufficiently cool.
• An oven that does not heat food evenly.
• An unexplained malfunction in the home’s HVAC system.
• An arc of sparks is seen within the electrical system.

The proper response to such a warning sign:

The homeowner should not call the electrical or gas company, when the energy bill is high. Instead, that same bill should be examined closely. If the charges reflect increased us of an energy source, then the reason for the added utilization of that source must be investigated.

How would such an investigation get conducted? A check for leaks in the roof could be part of the investigation. If food in the refrigerator is not cool enough, the purchase a new appliance might not solve the problem permanently. It could be a temporary solution, but not a permanent one. If a leak goes unrepaired, the new fridge could soon become damaged, and fail to cool the food completely.

A malfunction in the HVAC system might appear to suggest that the home needs a new HVAC system. Yet that would not be the case, if an ignored leak had put a strain on the heating or cooling equipment. That could add to the wear and tear on the HVAC unit. That wear and tear could explain the reason for the malfunction in that same unit. So, the proper response would be a check for leaks in the roofing.