Selling a home can be difficult or easy depending on the circumstances. One of these circumstances is how the home looks to potential buyers; after all, the first thing that buyers will see of their potential purchase is the exterior, and the most prominent part of that exterior is arguably the roof.

Contact a Roofing Contractor in Sunnyvale before Selling Your Home

Structural defects like loose shingles or leaks are definite negatives for any potential buyer. It is well-worth investing in roof repair if you want the home sold quickly. In an article for MSN Real Estate, Marilyn Lewis writes:

Missing shingles and hanging gutters broadcast a loud, scary signal to potential buyers. “You want the house to look as presentable and nonproblematic as possible,” says Cathy Cowan, an agent with Windermere Real Estate Co. in Seattle. “There’s a great deal of fear when people go out to look at property. You want them to be able to focus on ‘Where does my bed go?’ and ‘Can we live here?’ rather than, ‘Oh my God, there’s a problem with the roof.'”

Contacting a roofing contractor in Sunnyvale like Shelton Roofing should be one of the first things you should do after deciding to put up a house for sale. One job they can do for you is to fix and replace any broken or missing tiles and shingles. This ensures that any potential buyer looking at a house will see a pristine roof.

A contractor can also look for leaks and patch them up. These structural defects can damage a home if left unchecked, and any potential buyer may want to have them cleared up before moving in. Finally, no one wants moss or mold growing on their rooftop. It looks unsightly and the black stains are no help in selling the house. Experienced roofers will clean them out and ensure they won’t be coming back anytime soon.

The roof isn’t where they should stop either; the home’s gutters will need some attention, too. They will need to be cleaned and caulked to ensure that they are in good working condition. Leaky gutters let water make contact with a home’s siding, which can lead to unsightly water damage. Without effective gutters, a house will also be open to structural damage as the water can leech into the foundations of a home, leading to wet basements and worse.

It may seem counterintuitive to spend money for a house you’re about to sell, but the price of the sale will definitely balance out the expense. Additionally, a good-looking home is quicker to sell than an abandoned looking dump. Sellers should be aware, then, that proper roof repair in Sunnyvale is a must to close the deal.

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