Following the impact of heavy winds, your roof may have sustained certain damages which can worsen over time if they go undetected. It should be noted that heavy hail and heavy rainfalls are not required to inflict such damages – the wind alone is more than enough to leave you with costly repairs if the damages are not caught early on.

Heavy winds cause stress point on your roof

As the heavy winds impact your home, they will hit particularly hard against certain areas, called stress points. These are often located around the edges of the roof and will likely be the areas in which damaged shingles and leaks occur first and foremost.

However, it isn’t always the wind itself that causes the damage. There is also debris to think about which gets carried along by the wind. When objects hit your roof, they may leave cracks, cause shingles to slip, or simply add to the pre-existing wear and tear of any aging roof.

Because of all this, it is important to call in a roofer in the aftermath of a storm. They will know where to look and what to look for, and in the vent of spotted damages, they will be able to address the issue so long-term damages can be prevented.

The most typical forms of wind damage:

• Damage along the outer perimeter of the roof where the impact is hardest and the pull is strongest on the shingles
• Continuous wear and tear on the corners until insulation is exposed and water is free to enter the home
• Loosened shingles which are further lifted by future storms until the shingle is either torn off or loose enough to cause a big enough leak to be noticed by the homeowner
• Damages caused by flying debris or nearby trees which lack maintenance
• Clogged downspouts and gutters which lead to water build up and potential leaks

Using roof inspections as a preventative measure

It is important to call in the roofing experts before the stormy weather starts as regular maintenance can help prevent future damage. Most of the contractors will give you a quote and then you can evaluate based on your own budget.

If you fail to notice the early signs of roof damage, or if you simply neglect to address the damages for any reason, then you will soon be dealing with extensive roof damages which will cost a fortune to fix. For merely the tiniest fraction of such roof repairs in Palo Alto costs, you will be able to hire a roofer who can come in for an inspection immediately after the storm. Any damages detected during this inspection can then be addressed right away and prevent further damage.