roofersA roof over your head is what everyone needs. The roofers or roof mechanics who build and maintain the roofs over our heads belong to one of the world’s honored occupations. The roof is one of the most important components of a building. The range of roofing material, methods of construction, and devices for the maintenance of property have vastly improved over the last decades. While the roof of your building or home has passed through normal depreciation, technology has made many improvements possible.

A diamond certified roofer, who has met the high certification standards of the American Ratings Corporation can be relied on to apply the best roofing construction and maintenance technology to your roof. Licensed master roofers in California have passed a state examination, posted necessary bond and obtained insurance to protect their customers in case there is an accident on the job. You can hire a diamond certified roofer with confidence as part of a construction team, or to improve, maintain, or repair the roof of your home or business.

A certified master roofer can replace an old roof, repair a damaged roof, provide maintenance services on an existing room, or help with drainage and rainwater control.

In doing major home renovation, enlarging a room, raising an attic roof to obtain another story on a house, renovating a place of business or replacing roof damaged by age or disaster, you can take advantage of new technology and materials to make the most of the work. A certified roofing contractor can discuss your options with you to make your building more attractive and durable.

Modern metal roofing of aluminum and steel materials are very durable and fireproof. Metal roofs can be made to look like any roofing material. Metal roofs reflect sunlight and can reduce cooling costs. Recently developed fiber glass roofing materials are as durable as asphalt. Modern roofing materials are all based on fiberglass, rubber, and plastic, originating from recycled materials. These are quick to install and very light on the building structure. You might want a tile roof. New slate or clay tiles can be colored to fit the building.

Aging roofs are often infected with algae, dirt, and moss that can damage roof tiles. The presence of soot or leaf residue may build up on the roof and reduce its ability to insulate your building. A certified may use high pressure hoses along with an array of bleaches and algae fighting chemicals to clean your roof. They may even use specialized robots that have been developed to brush away contaminates. You may consider adding zinc strips to the peak of the roof to reduce the chances of future contamination.

Rain water control is always a major concern of building owners. Rain water that puddles on roofs or collects along drain spouts that are plugged may exacerbate weaknesses in the roof or leak inside and damage walls and vulnerable structures. A certified roofer will clear the drains and spouts or work with you to construct an effective drainage system.