Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against our California weather. But even if your roof is in top condition, if your ventilation isn’t sufficient, it can cause damage that will decrease your roof’s longevity and create potential repair issues. In fact, it’s estimated that 9 out of 10 homes are not properly ventilated.

What Does Ventilation Do for Your Home?

Today’s roofing systems are great at keeping the elements outside but ventilation is what enables moisture inside the house to escape outside where it should be. Water vapor that can’t escape will become trapped in your attic area and collect on the underside of the roof deck. This moisture can eventually soak the insulation, causing it to lose its effectiveness. It can also create mold, rot and can eventually impact the roofing structure itself.

Proper ventilation will allow a flow of fresh air through the attic space. The flow between the intake and the exhaust is what keeps air moving, protects insulation efficiency and helps keep temperatures on the inside of the home balanced.

As professional San Mateo roofing contractors, we see how improperly ventilated attic spaces can cause

● Cracked and curling shingles
● Roof wood framing to warp, crack, and break down
● Mold and mildew to accumulate
● Wood rot
● Damage to exterior siding
● Damage to interior paint and wallpaper
● Increase in energy costs
● A deterioration in indoor air quality
● A shorter lifespan for the roof

Outdated Ventilation

Many homes’ ventilation issues are due to inadequate and outdated design and ventilation systems. These don’t allow for proper circulation to keep the air movement at its peak. A professional San Mateo roofing contractor can examine your home’s configuration to locate the best combinations of location and vent types for your unique home.

Today there are many different ventilation options for homeowners.

● Box vents — these are static vents with no moving parts. They use natural convection properties to move warm air out of the attic space to the outside. Having several of these installed has the best effect.
● Power vents – also known as PAVs, these are motorized versions of the standard box vent however they have a motor that helps pull the warm air out of the attic.
● Wind turbines — these vents have fans that are powered by the wind. Although these are a great environmentally friendly option, you will need to get enough wind to enable these to work efficiently.
● Ridge vents — these static vents sit on the ridge of the roof and run the entire length of the roofline, creating an even cooling.
● Soffit vents — these are used in combination with ridge vents and sit in the soffits and eaves of the roof.
● Cupolas — these decorative vents add light as well as ventilation.

Having efficient venting in your home ensures that air is properly moving in your attic to avoid heat and moisture from building up. The ventilation you choose will be determined by your home’s configuration and unique needs.

Call a Professional Roofing Contractor in San Mateo

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