An emergency roof repair can bring a lot of headaches. You have to find a contractor, you have to deal with insurance, and you have to research the best choice for your new roof. Your Sunnyvale home deserves the best care and the best results. So, what are the choices when it comes to choosing new roofing?

A Case for Asphalt

Asphalt is the most popular choice when it comes to roofing material because it is easy to install and it is the cheapest option. Other positive attributes: Asphalt comes in a variety of colors; it is fire resistant; and some types sustain hail and wind quite effectively. While it is the cheaper option, it might be the most expensive in the long run because it does not last as long as its alternatives. It also does not possess the insulation qualities that a lot of other materials offer. Although, some types of asphalt do have a reflective coating, which lowers cooling costs.

Emergency Roof Repair

A Case for Clay and Concrete

Though a definitely bold stylistic choice, clay and concrete roofing lasts for a very long time and are non-combustible. They are also energy efficient, saving your wallet and the environment. Another plus for the environment is the fact that the tiles can be reused and recycled for new building materials. Though they are great, they are also relatively pricier and require additional framing. However, it is an investment that will endure over a long time.

A Case for Metal

Coming in several different varieties (aluminum, copper, zinc, and stainless steel), metal roofing is a great option if you are concerned with the effects of weather on your home. Metal lasts a long time, is durable, and proficient when it comes to high solar reflectance. Another plus for metal roofing is the fact that it requires little maintenance. Like clay and concrete, this option is a pricey investment, but it is also a long-lasting one.

Needing to make an emergency roof repair on your home is always intimidating and worrisome, but choosing the right roofing material from the many options should not be. Consider what you want from your roofing materials in terms of style, energy efficiency, and durability. It also helps to hire a professional roofing contractor from Sunnyvale to ensure that your new roof is correctly put into place. 

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