Checking your roof from time to time will help ensure that it’s always in good condition. While this task is better left to the professionals, many homeowners choose to do it themselves. If you’re among these homeowners who scale the roof yourself to inspect every corner, you should be aware of roof safety guidelines. Going up on a roof exposes you to significant risk, so it’s important to take precautionary measures.

Inspect When the Weather is Good 

There’s a reason why spring is the best time to check your roof, the good weather. Climbing up on a roof during rainy or windy seasons could expose you to dangerous conditions. It could be slippery from precipitation, and sudden strong winds could make you lose your footing. This is why you should never check your roof when you know it’s wet and slippery.


Use Proper Equipment and Clothes 

Never use a wobbly or broken ladder. Being one of the most important pieces of Palo Alto roofing equipment, your ladder should be durable and sturdy. It should have reliable safety catches to ensure that you’ll get up to the roof without a scratch. When in doubt of the condition of your ladder, just stay put and don’t risk it.

A harness is another important piece of equipment. You may be uncomfortable wearing it, but it could save your life in case of an accident. In terms of clothes, wear a comfortable shirt and a pair of shoes with a good grip, this way you can reduce the risk of slips.

Remove Obstructions in the Working Site 

Before going up on the roof, prepare the surrounding area below. Remove vehicles and items that could be affected by falling debris and dust. There shouldn’t be anything around that could trip you or take your focus away from the roof. The interior should be prepared as well. Take down mirrors and other objects that may get knocked loose when you or the roofers start working on the roof.

Keeping these safety tips in mind is essential to avoiding accidents. But remember, if you haven’t been up there and have no idea how to go about it, it’s best to call a roofing company in Palo Alto to do the job for you.

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