There are many mistakes to be made when you choose to take roofing repairs into your own inexperienced hands. These mistakes can have devastating and unexpected consequences, especially of financial nature.

Finding the Leak

Once you know of the existence of a leak, you may think it is going to be easy to find it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case because things aren’t always so straightforward. In addition to that, you may also find that the leak ultimately wasn’t even the problem, but rather the symptom of a bigger issue still at large.
Shingles in need of replacement or repair, be it due to damage or improper installation, will allow moisture to come in and build up, sometimes several feet away from the actual point of entry.

The undetected water will be free to pool there and degrade the roofing and sub-roofing materials, oftentimes with the homeowner even knowing about it.This is why, when you take roof repairs into your own hands, you may actually be doing little to fix the main problem. Only an experienced roof repairs professional in Palo Alto knows how to properly inspect for damage will actually be able to ensure all issues are fixed, so your roof will get back to protecting your home, as it should.

Most Commonly Made Mistakes

Faulty Deck and Sheathing: Oftentimes, the problem doesn’t even lie in the shingles themselves, but rather in the deck and sheathing underneath. This is why a service repair job is never enough. The broken shingles will need to be removed and the underlying materials inspected before new ones are installed, otherwise the main issue may prevail.

Faults in The Shingles’ Installation: During the installation, the closest attention will need to be paid to the starter course, offsets joints, and the positioning of the shingles. Each shingle needs to lay fully flat, otherwise your roof will be susceptible to leaks from the get-go.

Insufficient Fastening: The most thorough of repair jobs will be no good if materials aren’t properly fastened. Lacking adhesive, too short nails, and similar problems will lead to leaks further down the line, since it will allow stronger winds to lift the shingles and let in moisture.

Flashing: Since the flashing is responsible for channeling away all moisture, problems with it can also lead to severe damages. Because of this, old flashing shouldn’t be reused, and the flashing surrounding your skylights, vents, chimney, and satellite dish should be checked during each inspection.

These are just a few things that need to be checked by a professional when you are having issues with your roof. It is important to get multiple quotes and then select a company that works with you at every step and is affordable, licensed and has trained technicians.