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What is a roof flashing? This is a very common question from homeowners.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of the roof is to be a barrier against the outside elements. And the main element is water. It is also the most difficult weather element to control. The roof flashing acts as the last line of defense against water.

The roof flashing is simply a piece of sheet metal. Usually it is either aluminum or galvanized steel. It is positioned over joints where the roof and the wall meet each other. The objective is to prevent the water from seeping in between and running in to the house and causing damage. You can see how some sort of fault with the roof flashing can be a very common culprit of roof leaks.

The general science behind roof flashing is very simple and hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. It works off of the basic principles of gravity. If it has been installed correctly, gravity will work with the roof flashing material to shield and guide the water on to the regular roofing materials. It is then directed harmlessly to the ground.

You commonly see roof flashing around chimneys, fan vents, skylights, plumbing vents, etc. They are very simple things that have the potential to create very big problems. So now when you hear a roofing contractor talking industry jargon and often using the word flashing it will sound less like a foreign language.

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