Homeowners concerned about their family’s safety should plan to replace an asbestos roof. The same homeowners would find that such an action manages to increase the home’s value.

Steps to be taken by the contractor that is hired by the homeowner

Seal or cover the asbestos material. A professional ought to handle that particular job. The fibers in the asbestos tend to get loose. Roofers In San Mateo have learned how to protect themselves from the loose asbestos fibers. Learn the rules that are enforced in your particular state. Be ready to explain those rules to the homeowner that has requested your services. Each state has its own rules, concerning the removal of asbestos.

Wet down each piece of asbestos. Then, after it has become wet, bag each piece. That bag keeps the fibers from getting onto people’s hands, or onto other surfaces. Arrange for introduction of the replacement. Asphalt has been suggested as the best replacement for an asbestos roof.

The history behind asbestos roofs: Why they were used in the past, but are being replaced, now, with alternative systems.
When home builders first started to use asbestos roofing, no one knew how it could deteriorate, leading the formation of fibers, more importantly, no one knew that some people develop a type of lung cancer, after they have had a prolonged exposure to the asbestos fibers.

As researchers gathered more information on chemical substances that seemed linked to cancer, asbestos eventually appeared on such a list. Consequently, the industry that had promoted utilization of asbestos roofing had to develop a safe system for having it removed and replaced.

The men that operated within a new division of the roofing industry performed that removal and replacement process. Each state sought to regulate that new industry. That is why each state has its own rules, regarding the removal and replacement of an asbestos roof.

Science still has a lot to learn about the effects of exposure to asbestos. Not everyone has the same reaction to an exposure to asbestos that takes place over time. So, homeowners have not been required to remove any such roofing, if it has been installed on a given residence. Still, homeowners do have the ability to hire experts, those that know how to deal with asbestos. Those experts can perform all the steps that are part of the removal and replacement process.

No homeowner should assume that process for the removal and replacement of asbestos roofing could be carried out as part of a DIY project. Anyone that would try that would just be inviting trouble. Such a person would have chosen to work with a substance that has been identified as a cancer-causing risk. Do not be that person.