Sunnyvale, CA gets only 14 inches of rain per year and no snow. This does not mean however, that homes in this area are exempt from roofing problems. Exposure to the occasional storms and to other elements like sunlight and heat, not to mention the normal effects of aging, can cause wear and tear on your roof. Major roof leaks start out as small ones that often go undetected, until the problem becomes too apparent to ignore.

Roof Repair

Even without rainwater getting into a home, leaks can cause other serious household problems, particularly the build-up of mold. Tiny leaks can let in enough moisture, and if the dampness spreads and seeps through your ceiling, chances are, mold will start to breed. Mold buildup is not only unsightly; it also poses health dangers.

An article for provides do-it-yourself tips on how you can detect the sources of leaks on your roof and eventually fix them. While most of the pointers given are simple enough, keep in mind that hiring a professional to do the job is always preferable, particularly if you have a steep roof, and you’re dealing with several leaks.

One way to find the source of leaks is to run water over the roof using a hose, and watching where drips will occur. However, the fact that such task will require you to go up on the roof presents hazards, and should be done only with extreme care and caution.

Besides, there are cases when this method may not lead to the leak source, and a closer inspection of the shingles and other roofing parts is needed. Leaks are usually caused by broken flashing, damaged shingles, and plumbing penetration. To ensure a thorough inspection, consider hiring a skilled roofing contractor in Sunnyvale instead.

Once the leak is detected, the extent of the damage must first be explored. Proceeding immediately to fix the leak without a thorough inspection may conceal other problems that the leak has caused, such as rotting on the ceiling, or the beginning of a mold growth. Sunnyvale roof repair experts will look into your ceiling, insulation, and walls to know how much damage you are dealing with and recommend the most appropriate solutions.

Unlike DIYs that may only provide temporary or short lived fixes, professional roof repair from companies like Shelton Roofing offer long-lasting solutions that could save you from major problems later on.

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