Homeowners and building managers in the San Francisco Peninsula alike should know that a quality roof begins with a quality roofer—but with so many popular roofers in Menlo Park and other areas, how do you find the most reliable one? Other than considering the recommendations of your trusted friends and checking customer reviews online, you have to actually call or meet up with your prospective roofers and conduct an interview.

what to look for when hiring a roofer

Of course, there are several questions you can ask when assessing a potential roofer, from their years of experience to the type of materials they use. However, when it comes to safety and protecting your investment, you have to make sure that you choose an insured roofer in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, or wherever you may be in the Peninsula.

An article by writer Tim Parker posted at the Chicago Tribune provides this tip to homeowners looking to hire a roofer:

“You need to be sure you get copies of all insurance documentation with each bid. The roofers must have general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Professional contractors will readily supply you with a certificate of insurance showing that the premiums have been paid in advance.”

Indeed, established roofing companies like Shelton Roofing see to it that their clients will have peace of mind by having the best possible insurance coverage. Here are some things you should know about the two must-have policies of roofing firms.

Property Damage and Liability Insurance

Basically, a liability insurance protects a business against losses brought about by unforeseen events, such as damage to a client’s property or injury to another person. For instance, an unintentional incorrect application of a roofing material, or a minor accident can cause expensive damage to your house. If you work with an insured roofer, you won’t have to worry about paying for such costly mishaps.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

What are you going to do when an employee of the roofing company gets hurt while working on your property? If you decide to hire a contractor who doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance, you may be held liable for the injured individual’s lost wages and medical bills. A workers’ compensation policy provides wage replacement and medical coverage to an employee who gets injured on the jobsite. Besides, you don’t want to work with a contractor who isn’t concerned about the welfare of his employees, do you?

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