our roof faces a lot of abuse on a regular basis. During a bad weather, the elements can take their toll on the roofing materials. It’s not uncommon to find wear and tear or damage that causes leaks on the roof’s surface after such ordeal. Protecting your home requires quick action when your roof has been compromised. It can be difficult to choose between a repair and a replacement, however.

Find the Source of Leak

The first step to successfully dealing with your roofing problems is to look for the source. If there was a hail storm in your area recently, then it’s likely that some of the shingles sustained heavy damage. In this case, professional inspection and repair is necessary. Palo Alto roofing experts can quickly remove the damaged roofing materials and replace them.

Sometimes, leaks are caused by a combination of several other issues, including damage to flashing and worn-out poor installation. In this case, simple repair may only provide temporary relief to your roof. Leak may start again once the temporary fix has been washed off. This is the best time to consider replacing your roof altogether.

Replace or Repair Palo Alto Roofing

Current Roofing Materials

Not all roofs are made equal. Some roofing materials are easier to repair than others, and this is an important thing to consider when deciding to repair or replace. Wood roofs require significant upkeep and they have gone out of style over the last several years. Re roofing in Palo Alto gives you the perfect reason to skip the repair and use a more durable material.

Slate and tile roofing materials are vulnerable to damage and therefore may require frequent repair. This is due to the brittle nature of these materials. They are more expensive than other roofing materials as well, because with proper maintenance, they can last for over a century.

Shingles are a common material in Palo Alto for roofing. The decision to repair or replace shingles depends on the cause of the problem. If you notice any other problems with your ash-fault shingles, like curling or peeling, it might be time to replace the entire roof.

Maintaining your roof is a costly endeavor. Be sure that you are making the right choice when it comes to roof repair. Look at the overall condition of your roof and the materials you currently have installed when choosing the best solution for your home. It is best to consult with professional roofers about the project.


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