The weather should remind the homeowner about the roof’s vulnerabilities. A storm can bring water and wind. Either of those natural elements can work to damage roofing.

In some areas the absence of sufficient rain increases the chance for fires. Hence, it helps to have a fire-resistant rooftop. Sometimes, a rooftop’s own signals get added to the ones that have been sent by natural events.

How to spot the roof’s signals?

Study the material that drains into the gutters. What effect has it had on the ability of the gutters to function properly? Clogged gutters can serve as a sign that the roofing needs to be inspected or it may need professional Roof Repair in San Mateo.

Analyze the roof’s appearance. Has that appearance been compromised by the emergence of loose, curled or missing shingles? That should send a warning. The roof’s appearance will get further compromised, if the rooftop does not get inspected.

Take a good look at the material that has come out of the home’s downspout. Does it contain a lot of granules? Those granules have come from the roofing materials.

Can spots of black be found on parts of the rooftop? The asphalt in a shingle could well be responsible for that black color. Normally, granules cover that asphalt. As the granules wash away, the black material under them gets exposed, and it signals the need for an inspection.

Additional signals that are inside the home; not on the roof:

A stain on the ceiling: That indicates that water is leaking onto the other side of ceiling from the area above it. As a wet spot on a ceiling dries, it stains that particular area of the home. The appearance of such a stain should trigger immediate action. An inspection of the roofing should take place as soon as possible.

Before a stain forms on the ceiling, it usually develops at another location within the same home. That happens to be the roof deck in the attic. Actually, any stain formation tends to show-up first on the underside of that roof deck. So, what does that fact reveal about the timing of an inspection?

Ideally, inspections take place before a leak develops. That makes it easier to complete any needed repairs. Unfortunately, a stain on the ceiling or roof deck signal the existence of a leak. That magnifies the need for an inspection.

The sooner the leaky area gets inspected, the easier it should be to suggest a remedy. No homeowner wants to hear that a replacement of the home’s entire roof has become a necessity. Smart homeowners work to prevent the occurrence of that nightmare. Each of them gives serious consideration to any sign that a leak might be forming; thus making an inspection mandatory.