So, you want to install a new roof? The first thing you’ll be doing is hiring a contractor. Though with a multitude of roofing companies that would be vying for your business, it is important that you select the right roofers in San Mateo. They need to be insured, bonded and licensed so that you are sure that you are getting quality service.

After a contractor is selected, you need to ensure that they list the material that they are going to use. Make sure to ask themthe type of underlayment they will install. In case you were wondering, underlayment is a membrane that rests underneath your shingles or tiles.

Your contractor will use different types of materials when laying the underlayment: felt or synthetic. Felt is made up of a combination of materials: polyester,cellulose, bitumen, and asphalt. It comes as 15 pounds and 30 pounds. The thicker and heavier version is damage and water resistant.

Synthetic underlayment is made from spun or woven polyurethane. It comes in many different types of thicknesses. They’re lighter and is available in many layered designs.

Synthetic underlayment is stronger and more durable than felt, so it will last and do a better job of protecting your roof. It’s more resistant to high winds. They’re more resistant to wear and tear.

Selecting the right material includes looking at its durability, installation time, cost and maintenance. It is true that synthetic underlayment is very strong and durable than felt. It has chances of developing fewer leakages and will resist fire and heat better.

One of the key aspects to consider

You want to choose synthetic underlayment if you don’t want to spend lots of time and money maintaining your roof once it’s laid. The thing is that it can be easily damaged by heavy foot traffic or sharp objects. Felt underlayment are more flexible. It may be easier to replace them, but they’ll rip and tear faster when it is exposed to the elements. That leaves the roof exposed. Synthetic underlayment can be installed faster than felt ones can.Synthetic costs $12 per square foot to install while felt costs $15 a square foot to install. Thus, when it is about costing your roof, you need to see what lasts longer, gives you a better ROI and ensures a stronger structure.


You get synthetic and felt underlayment for the same reason – to protect your roof. They’re not the same and so it costs different amounts of money to install and maintain each type. You might like to consult with experts to see what works for your roof.