When you think about roofing, you most likely picture black shingles that is standard on most home roofs but did you know that as a homeowner, you have several options available. Materials most commonly chosen for shingles include asphalt, fiberglass, and composite. There is also cedar shingles and slate. Cedar and slate shingles are quite an investment however you won’t need to worry too much about them throughout the year. The cost is much higher with these two types because of the overall cost of materials as well as the process to install them. So for example, a roof can run between $12,000 and $25,000 depending on a few factors.

Compare and contrast the materials

Cedar has a smooth look about it overall; more uniform across the entire roof. Cedar shakes can give the roof a rugged look with each piece fitting a little different and looking rough around the edges. When the roof is done in cedar shakes, the roof looks authentic.
Cedar shingles is cut from the wood using a saw and has been like that for the last fifty years or so. The cedar shakes are carved off of the block and then completed with a mallet or a sharp blade of some type.
Cedar shakes are large in size and can be between 1.25 cm and 2 cm thick toward the edge of the shake that butts up against the other while a cedar shingle is only 1.25 cm to 1 cm thick.
When considering a decorative look for your roof, the cedar shingles are chosen more often for the colonial style, the Victorian style, and the Ranch style. The cedar shakes are more often chosen for a cottage and cabin style homes.

Shingle options

When considering shingle options, you will want to have them installed on a roof that already has pitch that is 3:12 or higher. When it comes to shingles made from cedar, there are a variety of width and length to choose from. The most common are:
• 6 cm x 37.5 cm
• 1.75 cm x 45 cm
• 1.25 cm x 60 cm

Shake options

There are a few more options for you to decide on. Most roofing contractors in Menlo Park will recommend that the shakes be installed on a roof that already has a pitch of 4:12 or more. They will also prefer that shakes are cut from grade one, which is the heartwood only with no defects. When choosing cedar shakes, you need to know the three different types for all roofing systems;
• The heavy split and resawn
• The medium split and resawn
• Tapersawn shake

In the end, you may find that you don’t like the cedar after all however, considering the benefits that you will experience from choosing this type of roofing, you will understand why there were so many decisions to make prior to putting it on.