You need to understand how to install a roof if you want to replace your existing roof. Roofs are vital since they protect your house from the damage that bad weather can cause. So, whenever you hire a roofing contractor, be sure to ask the following questions:

How do you go about installing the new roof? Make sure that you understand exactly how the contractor is going to install the new roof beforehand.

How long will it take to install the roof? Be wary of any job that takes more than a week to finish. Keep in mind that bigger roofs will take longer to install. Also remember that your new roof may need more repairs or modifications. That will also take extra time. Make sure to plan for this in advance by asking the contractor how long unanticipated instances should take when installing your new roof.

The process of installing your roof happens in steps. The first thing the contractor has to do is assess the existing roof and estimate what materials will be needed to build the new roof and how much these will cost. Note that there may be instances where the contractor can recycle old materials that are still in good shape.

You’ll then need to order the materials. It’s best to rent a dumpster to store large waste materials. Your contractor will need to repair or replace any wood damage to the rafters and beams on your roof. This is a complex job and will require a few days to complete the process as a multitude of things need to be completed.

Your contractor will need to apply drip seal to the new beams and rafters, if he installs them. The seal will ensure that moisture won’t seep into the architecture and foundation of your roof and ruin it.

The contractor goes on to the next step which is to install the underlaying. It’s artificial roofing material which will keep moisture from seeping into the interior of your roof. Your house is essentially worthless if moisture seeps inside your roof.

The contractor will proceed to the next step which is to lay the tiles or shingles down. He will nail or screw these in. The whole roofing crew works in unison to ensure that all aspects of the job are done as per requirement.

Make sure to pick a contractor who is experienced and competent. These types of contractors tend to do an excellent job. They’ll also make sure that your roof is completely waterproofed. However, before you select the roofing contractor in San Mateo, get a few quotes from different roofers and then compare their costs and services.