During your fall inspection, you will need to ensure that your attic ventilation is fully functional. Any problems arising with your ventilation throughout winter, could lead to a buildup of moisture and cold in your attic space which can lead to ice dams and mold.Furthermore, there are shingle manufacturers which have added adequate attic ventilation as a requirement for their warranty which makes it all the more important for you to inspect your ventilation under close scrutiny before the cold season hits.

Checking The Balance

When it comes to the ventilation system, you will need to ensure that exhaust vents along the roof ridges, as well as the intakes vents by the soffits are equal in numbers. Especially the intake venting is oftentimes a source of trouble for homeowners. However, this problem can be easily taken care of by installing continuous intake vents as an addition to the pre-existing ones.

Vent Hole Size

While it is important to have an equal number of intake and exhaust vents, you will also need to ensure that they are all capable of moving enough air to do their jobs. Too small or too few holes can significantly decrease air flow which can be detrimental to circulating air in larger spaces.

Insulation Baffles

The ventilation system needs insulation baffles in order to prevent the soffit vents from being clogged. Clogged soffit vents will not be functional and immobilize the entire system.

Moisture Buildup

When moisture gets into the home, it can degrade and deform the wooden framing. Additionally, moisture allows mold and mildew to flourish. Any of these signs are a clear indicator that the ventilation system is malfunctioning. That calls for professional repairs by an expert.

Clearing Obstructions

As time wears on, debris such as dirt and leaves can get into the vents and clog them. This can, and will, significantly decrease the efficiency of the ventilation system. Additionally, a careless paint job can lead to paint getting onto the vent covers which can lead to the same problems. Thus, safety and care have to be adhered to.

Using One System

Due to a selection of ventilation system being available on the market in today’s day and age, different systems may have been installed in one home. However, these different systems cannot be mixed. One system needs to control all operating vents in order to ensure functionality. Available systems include power vents and gable louvers, as well as a multitude of others. It is best to talk with the Roofing Contractor in Sunnyvale and ensure that you get the right systems installed at home.