A storm can expose a roof to winds and heavy rain. Such weather conditions could aid development of damage on a rooftop.

Typical types of damage caused by storms

• Tree falls on rooftop, creating hole
• Torn, dented or missing shingles
• Dents in gutter
• Leaks cause spots on ceiling

Possible dangers created by damage

• Downed power lines
• Damaged gas lines
• Broken glass
• Exposed wires
• Seek help from a professional, when dealing with such dangers.

How to fix above problems

File storm damage claim with home insurance company

—Give date of storm
—Take pictures of damage
—Highlight any dangers introduced by damage to home or property

Have damage assessed by Roofing professional in San Mateo. Ask insurance company about any timeline for the workers that will be doing the repairs. Make plans for gaining access to a source of electrical power, if the damage has destroyed the home’s electrical system.

Make plans for gaining access to water, if the storm has destroyed the home’s plumbing system. Arrange for removal of any fallen trees. A professional arborist, not an expert at roofing, should carry out such a removal. Renew homeowner’s policy

A homeowner’s possible concerns, after assessment of damage

How to work with contractor, in order to find materials that match the color and texture of the old roof? That would be a concern, if some of the roofing had stayed intact, and did not have to be replaced.

How to obtain an estimate for the cost of projects aimed at repairs to rooftop?

How to get an estimate for the amount of time it could take, for the hired contractor to fix the damaged areas?

How to locate the required safety gear? That could be a real problem, if the required gear must be especially small or large. Find out if it is possible to rent such items.

How to assess the cost for making major changes, during the repair project? How to learn what must be done, if it appears wise to move ahead with plans for building an addition, along with completing the planned repairs? That could mean learning about the area’s zoning laws. It could also mean paying an architect to prepare a floor plan.

Find out how to arrange for storage of all waste materials, as the repairs get completed. Find out how to arrange for removal of the stored waste. Learn what the city would charge for removal of the extra waste.

If family has any pets, arrange for them to be cared for in a safe setting, while the contractors work on the damaged areas. Also find someone to care for any small children.

Wear safety gear during any cleanup operation

Eye protection