If you see signs that a roof leak might soon develop in some area of your home’s roof, you are apt to have this question: Should I pay for some roof repairs, or should I invest in re-roofing? Naturally, you want any answer that you give to that particular question to reflect your ability to make a sound decision. Here are some facts that can help shape your decision.

The significance of your roof’s age

If the home roofing in Palo Alto is less than 8 years old, then you would probably find that a decision to invest in roof repair work would allow you to make the wisest use of your money. On the other hand, if the members of your family have had the same roofing materials over their head for 12 or more years, then you ought to find a way to pay for some re-roofing.

How severe is the damage to the materials used during the recent roof-focused installation project?

Inspect the covering on your home and see what you find. Maybe the only apparent damage can be found around structures such as the chimney, the skylight and any vents. Sometimes gaps form in the caulking. You should make a point of adding to the caulking material in each such gap.
You will need to get busy, if you see that some of the shingles have become damaged. In order to correct for such damages, you will need to arrange for a roof replacement.

Consider your own plans for the future

If you expect to be moving to another house in the near future, then you have little reason to pay for more than simple roof-repair work. On the other hand, if you know that your family loves its present residence, then you should think differently. You ought to give serious consideration to contacting a company that can provide you with a quote for a re-roofing project.

When did you discover the problem, and how long did it exist before you discovered it?

Most roof-replacement projects get started in the late spring and early summer. That gives the contractor plenty of time in which to have the new roof in place. Moreover, repairs to roofing that get done in the autumn months may not prove adequate throughout a tough winter.
How much money can you budget for fixing your roof?
If you have limited funds available, then you should look for a company that will agree to some type of financing arrangement. If you cannot find such a company, then you will need to approach the manager of your bank and ask about getting a loan.