A well-selected roof can work to improve a home’s appeal. That fact should guide the person that must choose the material to be used in any planned installation of roofing. Still, a list of other factors should also be examined, before the final selection of a roofing material has been made.
What is the durability of any considered material?
The homeowner that elects to use asphalt shingles for Roofing in Palo Alto CA can expect to enjoy that one roof’s protection for 15 years. A homeowner that has chosen to buy laminated asphalt shingles can enjoy that same level of protection for 25 years. Those homeowners that have decided to invest in wood shake or clay shingles can rest easy for a span of 25 to 100 years.

What is the material’s weight?

Weigh one shingle. Ask how many of those roof components would be needed on the rooftop of your home. Then calculate the roof’s weight, once it contained each essential shingle? How strong is the home that would have to carry that much weight? Would that house be strong enough to handle that specific job?
Understand what happens when a house stands under a weighty roof. That private residence does not collapse. However, overtime, the residence’s topmost surface starts sagging. At that point, it becomes clear that the roof’s lifetime has been cut short.

Do you want to use a natural or man-made product?

You have a more limited selection, if you prefer to use a natural material. In that case, you will probably feel forced to go with either wood shake roofing or clay tiles. If you do not object to using a man-made product, you have more choices: sheet metal, asphalt or plastic polymer.
What are the chances that a given type of shingle will hold up well, once exposed to the weather in your area?
Consider the orientation of your home. Do the winds frequently hit the roof from a specific direction?
Does your region of the country get lots of rain? Does it ever experience a hailstorm? Do you live in an area where snow might fall and accumulate on the roof?
Maybe you moved to your present community because you loved the many days of sunshine. Realize, of course, that the sun’s rays are hot. Consider how hot your rooftop might become during the summer months.

How would the considered material look on your home?

Ideally, you ought to benefit from a roof’s typical ability to increase a home’s appeal. Try to find other homes with a rooftop that contains the same type of tiles or shingles. Study the rooftop’s appearance. At the same time, consider the look of the house that stands under it.