The discovery of water dropping from the ceiling onto the floor could trigger a conventional response: Place a bucket on floor, to catch the falling drops. However, that would represent a band aid approach to the problem.

First, discover the source

The source of the drops could be a leaky roof.Alternately, it could be a leak in the plumbing, or water leaking from an appliance.It helps to use a flashlight, when carrying out this particular step.

Do not overlook the conventional chores

Mop up the water. Use a bucket or bowl to handle the continuous emergence of drops. Check to see how quickly the bucket or bowl fills with water. That should indicate how frequently a new bucket or bowl must get placed in the location of the old one.

Arrange for temporary stoppage of leaking

For small cracks use roofing cement or tape. For a large hole consider using placement of tarp. Do not attempt using a tarp, unless you have worked on a roof in the past. Otherwise, rule out consideration of that large covering.

Contact an expert at roofing

Explain the problem, and the degree to which any temporary solution has reduced the amount of water on the floor. Schedule a visit from the contacted roof repair service in San Mateo.

Remove any clutter from the spot where the expert could be working, after studying the damaging leak. Make sure that the expert will have decent lighting. If necessary place a flashlight or lantern over close to the leaky spot.

Learn what preventive measure could reduce the chances for a discovery of other leaks. Get busy purchasing whatever gear might be required, for putting the preventive measures in place.

Follow-up to above steps

Following introduction of any preventive measure, start a log of the findings each day. In that log explain the discovery of any sign that another leak has started to form. Note the rate at which the discovered spot has changed, over time.

Record the details about any temporary measure that might be tried on a new leak. Indicate how effectively any one of the temporary measures worked.

Record the emergence of any new challenges, such as detection of an unpleasant smell. Keep track of when and where you have recorded such information.

Put your log in a safe and accessible location. You will want to share the information in that log with those that might arrive, in order to fix the existing problem.

That should help them to locate and assess the problem in a short space of time. If you are paying the expert by the hour, you should do your best to reduce the amount of time demanded from the contacted and paid expert.