According to renowned home improvement expert Danny Lipford, roofing should be treated as a major home improvement investment and not as a weekend DIY project. “The materials themselves represent a relatively small portion of the bill. The bulk of what you’ll spend goes for the skilled labor involved.” This means that finding a reliable roofing contractor should be given as much priority as picking a good-looking roof design or finding stylish roofing materials.

Hire RooferThis task is easier said than done because, as Lipford points out, there are plenty of people who can identify themselves as “roofers”. Technically speaking, anyone who has done construction work may already have the basic skills and knowledge needed to work on roofs. However, roofing professionals can be distinguished from general construction contractors by the former’s more extensive training and greater capabilities in this line of work.

The first thing that homeowners should be looking for is proof that a contractor is indeed considered an expert in their craft. Those looking for a reputable roofing contractor in Menlo Park, Sunny Vale, or Palo Alto, California, can check out reviews on various roofers in the area, as well as each contractor-candidate’s accreditations and industry certifications. Established roofers, like Shelton Roofing, also offer excellent product and service warranties that serve to vouch for the quality of their work.

Many roofing professionals also offer free estimate services, and generally will not start any kind of work without a written agreement or contract with their customers. Professional contracts should contain a complete breakdown of the total cost for the job, including that for the materials and the labor. A contract should also detail the estimated time of completion. Reputable roofing companies should also be able to show proof of insurance, and would have the right state licenses.

Reliable roofing professionals can also be identified by the services that they offer. For example, only highly skilled roofers, such as those at Shelton Roofing, can conduct emergency repairs and re-roofing in Menlo Park and other service areas. Reputable roofers understand the value of a roofing system as an investment rather than a simple home addition and would do what needs to be done to protect their customers’ investment.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to Hire a Roofer for Your Home, Today’s Homeowner)