Homeowners that have hired a roofing contractor that has agreed to place a warranty on the completed project should understand how to check for the quality of the fully installed roofing structure.

One question to ask, when studying the new roof: Are the shingles aligned?

Three types of damage would probably be avoided, if the contractor has made a point of aligning the shingles:

• Moisture damage
• Water damage: Rainwater rolls off of a rooftop more easily, once the shingles’ alignment has been ensured.
• Breakage

An additional thing to check for, when seeking an answer to that first question:

Check to see if any shingle is missing. If a contractor’s lack of effort has resulted in the absence of a significant piece, then that fact would reflect a reluctance to strive towards performance of quality workmanship.

Pose questions that reflect some understanding of the process followed during a roof’s installation.

If you want to find out whether or not the contractor’s selection of nails has matched with the nature of the nailed materials, then demonstrate some familiarity with a nail’s features. You might do that by studying some information on a nail that was created by the engineers.

They wanted to create something that could keep roofing nailed to the underlying structure, even when exposed to hurricane-strength winds. They crafted a piece that had a larger than average head, twisted steel under that same head, a smooth flat midsection below the twisted steel, and grooves in the bottom half of the nail’s shaft.

Invite the contractor to highlight any measures that demonstrate a readiness to produce what should rank as a top-quality level of workmanship.

Ask the roofing Contractor in San Mateo about how confident you ought to be that no water should be able to finds its way into your residence. One of the smarter contractors might reply to that question by referring to the company’s utilization of waterproof membranes.

Those can be placed on the underside of the rooftop structure, or beneath the siding. The membranes should keep water from seeping in, even if any one of them were to get pierced by a sharp object.

Do not overlook the gutters’ appearance.

Check to see if all of them seem to be hanging properly. Are any of them in a tilted position? That would be further evidence of the company’s failure to perform a service that could be described as one of the highest qualities.

Study the downspouts, as well. Those, ought to look ready to guarantee a free flow of the runoff from the slanted surface on the rooftop. Ideally, the downspouts do not appear positioned to inundate a garden, or to erode some part of the yard’s landscape.