At one time small metal windows with slots provided a home’s roofing with the only available means of ventilation. Today, builders realize that such windows did not do an adequate job of removing the hot air in the topmost part of a house. This article could be no more than promotion of the surest way to get rid of the unwanted air in an attic.
You need to know all about the benefits ensured to the homeowner that has invested in a vented ridge roof. Yet that would fail to explain how such a system works. By the same token, it would deprive the reader of the chance to learn why a roof’s vented ridge represents the surest way for effective removal of an attic’s unwanted, stale air.

Installation of roofing that has ridges and venting eliminates a primary cause of roof dry rot.

Because warm air rises, the hot mixture of oxygen and nitrogen (air) makes its way to the topmost part of your home. In the summer, its heat can cause the materials in the roofing to expand. In the winter, a warm vapor gets mixed in with the gases; therefore, it can encourage the growth of fungus.
The growing fungi cause development of roof dry rot. The fungi’s eating habits make them the enemy of a roof’s sturdy foundation. The fungi eat that wooden foundation.

Problems linked to roofing over top rotten wood

The rotting wood reduces the amount of weight that a roof can bear. By the same token, it creates a wooden foundation that lacks an essential feature. The weakened foundation can no longer hold nails.

Other moisture-related problems that can affect a home’s roof

An excess of moisture can trigger a buildup of condensation. The condensed water vapor gets on the roof’s wood sheeting and its shingles. It causes them to swell and buckle. Sometimes the moisture in the attic can makes its way into the insulation. Then a homeowner might note the appearance of a powdery substance (mold) or patches of brown or black fuzz (mildew).
One further piece of evidence that indicates the existence of a roof-related problem cannot be seen, but it can be noted by the nerve endings in the nose. It is the smell associated with a home’s bad air quality. Rotting wood produces bad air. Hence, it can force the residents of a home to live in a foul-smelling house. You may need to talk with a roofing service in Palo Alto CA to get the roof replaced.

Can turbines prevent creation of such a problem?

When spinning, turbines do help to remove stale air from any attic-space. Still, a turbine’s blades can rust. When the turbine’s blades stop spinning, then holes can form in the roofing that has not been properly vented.