Poor maintenance reduces the length for the lifetime of any roof. What actions should be included in a proper maintenance routine?

Plan for regular inspection of all parts of the roofing structure.

• That should include the parts in and on any skylight.
• That should include an examination of all the flashings, along with any sealant.
• The inspector ought to peer into the attic, in order to look at the roof’s underside.

Arrange for proper ventilation of attic

Certain rooms of any home tend to create moisture. Those are the kitchen and bathroom. The moisture created by cooking and the process of bathing tends to rise, and makes its way into the attic.

In the evening, the attic’s temperature decreases. During certain seasons of the year, the moisture in the air condenses. That condensation process produces water droplets, which could make their way into the home.

When attics have proper ventilation, that series of events does not take place. The ventilating system ensures removal of the moist air. Consequently, there is no way for droplets of water to form in any spot, including the underside of the roofing.

Clean off any debris that has landed on the rooftop.

Remove any algae or fungus. Do not encourage a return of those plants, or the growth of some other small plant, such as moss or mold. Sweep off any soil, which might work its way under a shingle.

Once the soil is there, raindrops or snow might touch it. Then, that soil would be able to support the growth of some type of plant life. No roof holds up well, after it has become a place where plants are growing.

Make a habit of cleaning the gutters

If not cleaned properly, a gutter system does not function, as it should. As a result, it fails to catch the rainwater, allowing it to accumulate on the roof’s surface. Roofing has not been designed to hold the weight created by standing water. Consequently, it starts to reflect the presence of an unnatural force.

Maintenance of the gutter system must be carried out on a regular basis. If it were to develop a leak, then it would be unable to carry out its function to the fullest extent.

Pay close attention to the condition of any shingles.

Watch for evidence that any of them are missing. Arrange with roofers in San Mateo to have the missing ones replaced.
Watch for signs of damage to any shingle. That damage could allow the entrance of water. Overtime, it would hasten degradation of some section of the roofing material. Obviously, a degraded element would lack the ability to function in the manner that it should. As a result, its lifetime would be shortened.