Materials used in roofing are numerous and diverse, so it’s best to consult Palo Alto, CA roofing contractors like Shelton Roofing for advice on which option will best fit a homeowner’s needs. Of course, given their diversity, each roofing type needs unique methods of maintenance and care. Blogger Robert Wytchowski reveals in one article how to make each roofing material roll with the punches for longer:

Metal Roof
Asphalt roofing
Asphalt roofs are the most widely used type in the United States because of their relatively economical cost and reasonably simple installation. They can stay solid for about 15 to 20 years, and can remain sturdy for longer if homeowners regularly inspect, maintain, and repair them. Property owners can keep these roofs in shape, for example, by applying copper or zinc solutions to remove algae and moss growth.

Metal roofing
Metal roofs make up for their expensive price with their design versatility and durability. Metal roofs require less repair work and can last for 100 years or more. Additionally, they can help insulate homes from the heat during the warm months and reflect the radiant sunlight to keep homes cooler.

Wood shingle and shake roofing
Wooden roofs provide good protection from strong winds and hail damage, but are vulnerable to rotting, splitting, and warping. Removing leaves and other debris, as well as applying proper chemical treatments to the wood, can help avoid moisture buildup, minimize problems, and extend service life for up to 20 years.

Tile and slate roofing
Tile and slate roofs give off a natural look while offering good fire protection, minimal need for upkeep, and immunity to insects and rotting. They can be heavy, though, and can require additional structural support. Gutter cleaning and roof checkups might be a bit harder to do because of their slippery tiles. They generally last for 80 to 150 years.

Homeowners who want easy roof replacement in Palo Alto should ask help from experienced roofing contractors who can evaluate roofing conditions, suggest the most appropriate ways to extend roof longevity, and replace roofs if necessary.

(Article Information and Image from Metal Roof: Providing Durable Home Protection, Roofing Contractors Power Up)