When you decide to get your roof replaced, you know it will be a costly investment, which makes it all the more important that it is done by the right person for the job, who will ensure your roof will be high quality and long-lasting. Finding the right contractor can take a lot of research so you can establish a short list with a few potential candidates. From there, you can meet up with each to gather estimates which can be compared to ease the decision-making process. As you put together your list, there a few things to look for and questions that should be asked to weed out candidates.

What To Look For

First, you will want to make sure that your potential future contractor is licensed by the state, and that they offer roofing insurance. There should be two insurances covered – liability, and worker’s insurance. The end dates of the coverage will be important for you to know. Another important point will be warranties. You’ll want to know which ones they will provide you with and how long each of them will last. For labor, the typical warranty lasts for a year minimum, but a large portion of contractors will offer you more than that. Material warranties can also differ strongly between roofers.
In order to uncover a roofer’s track record, you should ask for references, but it is also wise to do some additional research on your own, by checking online review sites. You should also know who you will actually be hiring, aka who is going to get the job done. Does the roofer have a team of their own, or will a subcontractor get involved? If there is a subcontractor, you should ask for their contact information, so you can go over this checklist with them as well.

Written estimate

One of the most important parts to consider is the written estimate provided to you by the roofing contractor in San Mateo. In this document, the duration of the project will be included, in addition to which materials are going to be used, the total cost of the project, including labor costs, guarantees for the work and materials, and expectations in regards to the cleanup process. You will want to gather estimates from multiple contractors so you can compare the offers and pick the one you deem to be the best option for you.
Additional qualifications can also be a huge selling point, especially if you have picked a new roof that requires special training for the installation. You will want a contractor who can prove their experience with your specific roofing materials.