Having a well-chosen and properly installed roof can help extend the life of your entire house and improve its value. If you’re planning to customize your roofing, there are many factors to consider, from the most suitable color or shade to the quality of the roofing material to be used. Here are some of the basic factors you should consider when planning a roofing project.


Houses and buildings come in a vast range of shapes and styles, resulting in the huge diversity of roofing types. Some are flat and sloped, while others are curve and corrugated. There are roofs made of stone and ceramics and there those made of asphalt and metal. When choosing a roof, always take into account its compatibility with your home’s architecture.

plan a roofing project


It’s difficult to incorporate your true desires into your roofing plan if you are on a budget. You have to be prepared to make some adjustments and consider alternatives. If you want slate roofing but your budget does not permit it, then you can opt for metal roofing and simply coat it with a shade that looks exactly like slate. Metal roofing is both inexpensive and extremely durable.


Taking the environment into account when planning a roofing project is also a smart decision. Not only does a green roofing option help increase your home’s energy efficiency but this type of roofing is also expected to last long since it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Slate and wood shake are among the most popular examples. If you have a metal roof, consider coating it white to reflect as much of the Sun’s heat back to space.

Professional Installation

Roof installation is a complex job; it requires the skill of professional roofers. From choosing the right types of roofing to ensuring that all corners are sealed with flanges, professional roofers can perform it excellently. Always choose a roofing contractor that has a strong background in residential roofing contractor and has a wide network of material suppliers in major California cities, including Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

It is always best to hire professional roofers to install your roofing. If you have a specific design in mind that you want to incorporate in the design offered by your roofers, don’t hesitate to sit down with them to discuss it. Most roofers would want to hear their clients out before starting with the project.


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