A homeowner should strive to make certain that the home’s roofing manages to function throughout the winter months.

Suggested actions for such a homeowner

Check for holes or cracks in the roofing: If any are found, arrange to have each of them patched up. Check for loose shingles. Clear debris from the area around the house; that reduces number of items that winds might blow onto rooftop, or into the gutter system.

Arrange for a professional inspector to check for storm damage: If there has been an earthquake within the past 10-12 months, then have that same inspector check for quake-related damage. (See below for other tasks that a homeowner should pay a professional to handle.)

Roofing Contractor in San Mateo will examine the condition of sealant around the pipes and vent. Clean the gutter system.

What to watch for during any examination of the roofing system

Keep an eye out for any bird nests in the spot between the roof and the chimney. Keep an eye out for any critters that have crawled into the attic; search for the entrance used by such a critter; be sure to repair/remove that same opening.

Conditions that require careful study

Pay attention to the condition of the flashings: The edge should extend past the home’s exterior wall. That provides the home with added protection against water damage.Do not overlook the seams between the pieces of flashing. If not sealed properly, such a seam could provide water with an entrance into the home.

Two additional tasks that a homeowner should pay a professional to handle

Maintenance of the various parts of the roofing system: The professional maintenance of such a system helps to limit the number of problems that could need immediate attention, if the winter season were approaching.

Inspection of a new system, especially one that has been created by installation of an addition, along with the necessary roofing structure: A professional inspection must be carried out, regardless of the size of the addition. Even the addition of a single chimney should signal the need for such an inspection.

How a homeowner could benefit from paying a professional inspector

A business that sells homeowner’s insurance expects each policyholder to take proper care of the insured house. That includes care for the rooftop. In the absence of proof that a professional examined the roof, the insurance company might not pay for any damage that was caused by leaking water.

Damage to the insulation in the attic could work to trigger a fire, if a furnace’s pipe happened to pass close to the damaged insulation. An insurance company would pay for fire damage, if a professional had previously inspected the attic, along with the attic’s insulation.