The sun’s rays are the primary source of damage to commercial roofing in southern California. Those rays contain damaging ultraviolet light.

Protections that help to limit the amount of damage

Regular roof inspections: Every homeowner should plan to schedule such an inspection two times during the course of a single year. Trained inspectors should be able to spot any existing or potential leaks, so that those could be repaired at an early stage of their development.

In between inspections, check for signs of a potential problem: Some of those signs seem to show up after a heavy rain, but they are not caused by rain.

–Check for yellow stains on the ceiling
–Pay attention to any unusual smells, especially a moldy smell

Do not hesitate to contact a Roof Repair company in San Mateo, after spotting any of the signs listed above.Keep track of how frequently someone steps onto the roof. Only roofers understand what precautions must be taken, when walking on a section of commercial roofing.

For that reason, it is best to limit the amount of time that others get to spend on the rooftop of your commercial building. Do not overlook the need for regular maintenance of the roofing. Careful maintenance should facilitate the discovery of any damage that might have been caused by the sun, or by someone that chose to walk on the roof’s flat surface.

Pay attention to the condition of the roof’s drainage system. If that does not work properly, then any weakened spots that have formed, as a result of the sun’s rays, could serve as an entryway for rainwater. No owner of commercial property wants to inform any tenants, or businesses renting space, that they might have to deal with a leaking ceiling.

Building owners are consumers

Each of them must arrange for purchase of whatever materials will be used on the building’s flat rooftop. For that reason, each of them should take the time to learn about the latest types of roofing materials. Some of the newer products have been designed to offer commercial roofing with an added bit of protection.

Some of those products are liquids, such as paints and sealants. The chemicals in some of those paints and sealants have the ability to provide a commercial rooftop with an added amount of protection. Although there are no devices that have the ability to filter out ultraviolet light, there are liquid coverings that can function like a type of filter.

Rooftops that have received such a covering undergo less damage. Consequently, each of them tends to have a much longer lifetime. In other words, it can function for a long time, before needing a replacement.