When it comes to skylights, the correct installation can make the difference between a blessing or a curse. A correctly installed skylight can provide natural lighting that lowers utility bills, makes the interior look grander and more inviting, and brings added warmth during the cold season. However, when installed incorrectly, cold and wet weather can quickly lead to leaks. And these leaks can lead to major damage in drywall, flooring, carpet, and the roof itself – none of which are a cheap fix. Even worse, the skylight leak may only be a symptom of an even grander problem. This makes it all the more important to call in an expert right away who can give you a diagnosis and initiate the road to solving the problem(s).

Potential Causes of Winter Skylight Leaks

There is a short list of main suspects when it comes to winter skylight leaks. While other perpetrators may also be behind the leak, the majority of the time it is one the following issues:
• flashing which is either damaged or entirely missing
• damage to the roof which allows water from seeping into the interior via the skylight
• lacking maintenance
• excessive levels of humidity which leads to condensation

Taking Preventative Measures

There is a list of steps which you can take in order to prevent leaks in your skylight(s) during the cold season, starting with season roof inspections. By hiring a contractor during the fall season to inspect the entirety of your roof, you can ensure that you are set for the winter.This contractor will take a closer look at your shingles and gutters, as well as check the flashing for cracks, holes, or other damage which could lead to leaks. Additionally, they will inspect the interior of the roof to ensure no signs of damage to the structural integrity of your roof are to be found.
Scheduling another inspection with roofing experts in Palo Alto CA for spring would also be a wise decision so you can be sure your roof wasn’t damaged throughout winter. If it was, you can get repairs done before the damage can expand to other parts of your home. Winter roof maintenance is a must if you want to be able to rest easy throughout the cold season. Due to the potential forming of ice dams, your roof will be under constant threat throughout winter. And not just your roof itself, but also your attic. If snow isn’t removed soon enough, it can melt and refreeze, causing ice dams to form and stop excess water from draining. This moisture is than free to sink into your home via skylights and the roof itself.