There is a multitude of mistakes which can be made while repairing the roofing which can have unexpected and pricey consequences. The likeliness of such mistakes drastically increases, when repairs are done by the homeowner themselves, or by a roofer with little experience.

Locating The Leak

The first struggle in repairing a roof, is locating the leak to begin with. This can be more difficult than many realize, since the point of moisture entry inside the home oftentimes doesn’t align with the leak on the outside. Additionally, the leak may not even be the main problem, but rather a symptom of a much grander problem which will continue to expand and infest the home even after the leak has been fixed.
Furthermore, incorrectly installed shingles will still allow moisture to creep into the home and wreak havoc by letting water pool and slowly break down, rot, and degrade the materials making up the roof and sub-roof of the home.All of these problems are common when it comes to repairs done by workers lacking the experience of an expert roofing contractor.

Installing A Proper Base

When it comes to fixing damaged shingles, you should never just stack the new ones on top. What you need to do, is to ensure that the decking and underlayment of your roof is also in good condition, otherwise the next leak will be waiting just around the corner. Your sheathing needs to be put under close scrutiny to ensure it is still holding up. Damages and problems which are overlooked in this department cannot be fixed which will undoubtedly lead to devastating and costly consequences further down the line.In order to truly fix your roof, all damaged shingles will need to be entirely removed so your sheathing and deck can be properly examined and, if necessary, repaired as well.

Properly Installing New Shingles

The new shingles will need to be aligned, beginning at the starter course, so future leaks can be avoided. Furthermore, offset joints will need to be addressed under close scrutiny, as well as the positioning of the shingles so they can lie flat. Failure to perform all of these steps properly will lead to future problems which will be tough to detect on time, before severe damage has already been done.


If shingles aren’t fastened properly, something as simple as a strong wind will lift them right up and let moisture in. Thus, it is important that roofers in Palo Alto are hired to ensure that fastening of shingles is done. This will enhance the strength of the roof.