Many commercial buildings have flat roofs. This is especially true in Southern California. These roofs may look chic and modern, but they present their owners with several issues. You will likely need to replace these types of roofs often with the help of Roof Replacement service in San Mateo.

Pooling water

Pooling water can accumulate on a flat roof, especially after a period of intense and bad weather. You should have your roof inspected if water always pools on it after a decent rainy period. It is possible to extend your flat roof life by adding products to it that will give it a slight slope. You need to do this because flat roofs with too much pooled water can become waterlogged. They can buckle or even collapse as a result.

Visible rips and tears

Since they don’t normally use shingles, it can be harder to detect damage in a flat roof. However, you need to inspect them often for visible rips and tears. Roofs in this condition need to be repaired and/or replaced immediately. If you do nothing, these roofs tend to tear at the seams. They can then leak badly and cause tens of thousands of dollars in property damage.

Separating flashing

Your flat roof should have flashing installed on it. This waterproofs the roof. If you see the flashing separating, repair or replace it immediately. Doing so can save your roof, and even your commercial office building.

Water spots

Water spots on the ceiling are a red flag of a damaged and leaking flat roof. Inspect your roof carefully to see where the leak is. You will need to repair or even replace the roof immediately.

Membrane problems

Since most flat roofs have membranes which keep them waterproof, be on the lookout for warped membranes. Be especially vigilant of membranes that flap in the wind. If you ignore these problems, you could face a huge bill for water damages down the road. You can easily repair the membranes.

Cracks in the coating

It is not uncommon for flat roofs to have a white coating. This coating can crack. This will let water in and cause a great deal of damage. Since the coating lasts for an average of 15 years, always either repair or replace it the minute you see cracks in it.

Loose fasteners

Fasteners are what keep the membranes on flat roofs in place. They can loosen because of the elements or damage by weather. Look out for bumpy roofs because this is a sign that the fasteners have loosened. You can easily have them reattached.

Know the signs of potential damage

Always be on the lookout for damage in a flat roof. Doing so can save you hundreds of thousands in building and even foundation repair down the road.