Imagine this scenario: you and your loved ones are safe and sound asleep inside the house when suddenly a loud crash comes from the living room. You then find that a tree has fallen on your house, creating a huge hole in the roof.

While the above scenario may seem a bit extreme, it is definitely not uncommon. According to Fox News, severe storms caused over $12 million in property damage in the U.S last year. Read on to find out what you should do during this emergency situation and what you can do to minimize the damage and ultimately save your hard-earned dollars.

Emergency Roof Repair Situation

Safety First

When a tree falls on your roof, it may have affected its structural stability. Get out as soon as possible and, if you can, ask a neighbor’s if you can evacuate to their house temporarily.

Call Emergency Services

Apart from 911, there are several other calls you must make. Call your insurance providers and roofing contractors. The fire department will secure your house, and all you can do at this point is to wait patiently.

Minimize Damages

First, take pictures and document all damages inflicted on the house. Remember, however, to only do this only after the fire department deems it safe for you to re-enter your home.

Second, cover up all parts of the house you can reach with plastic, waterproof tarp. This is very useful to prevent further water damage to your property and furniture, as well as inhibit mold growth. Don’t forget to clean the surfaces under the tarp too.

Third, you need an emergency roof repair done by professionals. Do not try to fix the roof on your own. The damages are most likely to be extensive, and you don’t want to add hospital bills to the losses you have already suffered.

Fourth, lock your house down if you are unable to live in it. Make sure your house doesn’t become a looter’s target.

After the storm has passed, the tree should be cut and removed so your roofing contractor can begin their work. The most important thing to do in this instance is not to panic. Trust your emergency services and roofing contractor, and you’ll be back inside your cozy home in no time!


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