Poor insulation contributes to the discomfort of those living in the poorly insulated residence.

Insulation makes a home more energy-efficient

Good insulation reduces the chances for development of air leaks:

• A leak is a spot where warm air could escape
• It is also a location at which outside air could get into a family’s living and sleeping space

Insulation’s presence allows a home to keep the occupants safer

It limits the amount of damage to the roof. It keeps water vapor from seeping into the attic, where that same vapor could start to erode the walls. It decreases the chances for the formation of mold on the roof’s frame. The risk for rotting increases on a mold-covered frame.

It prevents heat build-up in the attic; that buildup could cause swelling of the roof’s plywood. The swelling of that plywood could damage the deck, which must hold the protective underlayment. The underlayment protects the roofing from moisture damage. By limiting damage to the underlayment, the insulting fiber serves as protection against the absorption of water.

The owner of a well-insulated home enjoys unquestioned savings

The insulation’s presence reduces the size of the figure on the homeowner’s energy bill. Homeowners that have a lower energy bill manage to save money. Those savings could be used to cover the cost of a dream vacation, a young person’s education, a new car, an investment in the future, or some item that is needed, in order to deal with a current emergency.

The savings associated with the reduced size of each energy bill represent only part of the total amount of money that can be saved by those homeowners that have invested in good insulation. As time passes, the size of the homeowner’s savings account could keep growing.

Roofers in San Mateo know that no roofing material lasts forever. That fact applies to both types of insulating fibers. Therefore, during a roofing replacement project, the older fibers get replaced with new ones. Smart homeowners take that fact into consideration, at the time of the insulation’s purchase. Smart homeowners think about the labor costs that would accompany a decision to replace some or all of the home’s roofing structure. Consequently, each of them thinks about how to reduce the cost of that sort of project.

One way for reducing that cost could involve buying lighter insulation. Those that elected to pursue that particular option would save money. In other words, any one of them could rest easy, due to the size of a secure savings account. At the same time, each of them should be able to rest easy for another reason. Each of them should appreciate the proven value of insulation’s presence, under the home’s rooftop structure.